Our Gurukul houses over 40 children (age group 6 years to 16 years) who have no access to education in their home towns. Few of them are orphans or have one parent. They are very well taken care by Mr. Shirodkar who takes care of their upbringing and education in the best possible manner. Mr Shirodkar has given up his successful career and devoted his life for this noble cause since the last 14 years. There is no distinction of caste, creed in the Gurukul, with emphasis being on becoming good humans.

As most of the children are not in a position to pay Gurukul or school fee, Mr. Shirodkar with great difficulty manages to run the noble cause of educating children and ensuring they stand on their own feet. Approximate monthly cost of running Gurukul is Rs 65,000/-.

Testimonials of some of the successful students of Kaka