Our Gurukul houses over 40 children (age group 6 years to 16 years) who have no access to education in their home towns. Few of them are orphans or have one parent. They are very well taken care by Mr. Shirodkar who takes care of their upbringing and education in the best possible manner. Mr Shirodkar has given up his successful career and devoted his life for this noble cause since the last 14 years. There is no distinction of caste, creed in the Gurukul, with emphasis being on becoming good humans.

As most of the children are not in a position to pay Gurukul or school fee, Mr. Shirodkar with great difficulty manages to run the noble cause of educating children and ensuring they stand on their own feet. Approximate monthly cost of running Gurukul is Rs 65,000/-.

Testimonials of some of the successful students of Kaka


It is our constant endeavour to ensure all round development of our students. We strive to make them self reliant and confident. We also strive to create an atmosphere that is conducive to make our students proud of our ancient Indian heritage. We take efforts for their moral and spiritual development.

Our aim is to offer our students a place where they can progress by developing their skills & capacities so that they become ideal citizens in their adult life by being helpful first to the society & then to the country.


  • To help students to prosecute their education.
  • To assist poor boys to establish in their life.
  • To create atmosphere of equality and imbibe democratic values.


  • Self-sufficiency : Students should become self-reliant by doing all day to day activities on their own. They wash their clothes, clean their rooms, help in cooking and also take part in activities like bringing vegetables from the market, gardening, arrangement of programmes etc.

  • Skill Development : Students should develop their social skills by learning to live in a community of other students. They should learn to share & care for each other. They are provided with computer lab. Some students are admitted to other institutes such as ITI to learn technical courses.

  • Moral Development : Students should learn to respect their teachers, parents and other elders in the society. They should practise honesty, integrity and discipline.

  • Social Awareness : Students should be aware of their social obligation. They should develop an attitude to give, to contribute in whatever little manner to the society around them. They should develop a willingness and desire for selfless service to the society and to the country.




On Sundays we conduct educational tours, visits and sports activities. We also invite guests to guide our students in various fields. These guests are successful in their respective vocations.



Dada was felicitated for his work by ‘Hindvijay Sahakari Bank’.


  • Library - A well equipped library to fulfil needs of students.

  • Laboratory – Students need guidance and practice to experiment in their science courses.

  • Computer Lab – Computers are a necessity in all walks of life. Computer education is essential for students to succeed.

  • Technical Education – All students cannot make a career in intellectual fields. Technical education will give them an alternative to earn their livelihood.